What is Erectile Dysfunction and how is it cure?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), very popularly known as impotency, is a condition in men where they cannot have a sexual organ erection enough to have sexual intercourse. ED is a very popular problem experienced in most of the men after they attain a certain age and today one of the most common reasons why erectile dysfunction is experienced is because of stress in life which is a cause of many famous problems today called as anxiety, depression. Another common cause is getting used too with some addiction like smoking and alcohol.

ED is mostly experience is because of two reasons:

  1. Physical changes
  2. Psychological changes

Physical changes are any physical problems you face, which has a effect on your mental life as well physical such a diabetes, kidney failure and other such problems.

Psychological problems are the ones that have direct effect on your mental heath

Other common reasons as to why erectile dysfunction is experienced are as –

  • Testosterone

Men with low level of testosterones often face problems related to ED in precise. Lower level of testosterones might be because of many problems such as type- 2 diabetes and other genetically problems too.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Concerns that use of pornography can cause ED.

Use of pornography generally increases the effect of ED. Today most of the people in young age start experiencing ED use of pornography being one the most common cause.

  • Recent surgery

Many a times, getting through a recent surgery lowers your immunity and strength of the body. It is very normal to experience some changes while having an erection that before.

It is advised that anyone who has undergone a surgery recently should recommend a doctor before he starts taking a generic pills as its treatment.

  • Prostatic cancer

Prostatic cancer may be another reason why erectile dysfunction could be experienced. Although prostate cancer does not happen because of erectile dysfunction. But the treatment of it can cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Aging

After a certain age it is very common for men to experience erectile dysfunction. For men maintaining a healthy lifestyle and food might slower the effect.

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Kidney problems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Opposite reaction of drugs
  • Nerve problems

Impact of ED in life’s of both men and women:

Erectile dysfunction can have a impact on lives of both men and women, both mental and physical. It can give rise to several other problems that get birth because of erectile dysfunction.

  • Erectile dysfunction may start or increase the level of anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction can give rise to several chronic illnesses.

Cure of Erectile dysfunction:

Treatment depends on the level of problems faced and the reason of problem, that whether it is psychological or because of any other severe problems, mostly in young men maintaining a good food diet and being punctual to the exercise might help.

Treatment is started making a change in lifestyle looking for counselors for reducing the psychosocial issues.

Pharmacological therapy using any PDE5 inhibitor mostly sildenafil is involved.

Some cures of erectile dysfunction that are now being used on a good scale are.

Lifestyle changes:

Lifestyle changes may involve the following.

  • Maintaining a healthy food
  • Never miss a meal.
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit alcohol
  • Exercise daily (aerobics helps more)
  • More often do things that reduce anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Stop drugs use.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight.


For the first fold of treatment of erectile dysfunction medications that can be taken with mouth should be used like medicines with the ingredient.

  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Sildenafil
  • Avanalafil

The most useful medicine to cure ED is Cenforce, Tadalista, Vilitra, Cialis etc.

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All of these constituent in a pill are called as PDE 5 inhibitor and they work by increasing the flow of blood in the entire body and men penile region too which gives men enough erection for a sexual intercourse.

It is often said to use medications in case of severe problems, but sometimes medications might react too with the body, it is best to seek doctors help before any such step is taken.

Other form of medicine

Other form of medicines involves the treatment that is most readily available or some local market treatment. Although the effect are too early, but it is advised not to opt for such treatments.


Surgery is only advised when the problem worsens or it is giving rise to several other problems too. It has been seen in number of cases where the medications couldn’t help surgery has shown very elegant results.


Inserting prostaglandin pellets into the urethra, and then injecting smooth muscle relaxants and vasodilators into the penis, a penile implant, a penis pump, or vascular  reconstructive surgery is also opted nowadays as a treatment for erectile dysfunctions

Go to counselors:

One of the most common reasons of erectile dysfunction in most of the men today is psychological and the effect of it can be lowered by seeking right counselors who can really help you with the problems you are facing.


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