Pros and Cons of Cenforce 100 MG, 150 MG, 200 MG

Before diving into the pros and cons of Cenforce 100 MG, Cenforce 150 MG, Cenforce 200 MG etc., it would be better to understand:

  1. What is Cenforce and
  2. What is the use of Cenforce Tablets?

Some men have problem in getting or maintain an erection, condition referred to a erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a condition where men cannot have erection enough to maintain a strong sexual intercourse.

Cenforce is a drug that consists of the active ingredient called as Sildenafil Citrate and is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in people. This excellent pill was launched by centurion laboratories.

If you are one of those men who suffer from of erectile dysfunction or impotency then there should be a treatment from your side for the particular disease.

Generally there “n” numbers of pills in market, which help us to get relief to condition of the erectile dysfunction.

Cenforce is one such medication in this category for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cenforce a PDE5 inhibitor it inhibits PDE5, which will free the blood veins of the penis and it also increases flow of blood which is responsible for better erection.

Just like every pill there are some pros and cons of having of these pills too.

Pros of Cenforce 100 MG, 150 MG, 200 MG

  • Helps in tackling the problem of Erectile Dysfunction, bypassing the blood to flow to the penis of a man.
  • Helps in gaining all the vital energy which is necessary to have a strong erection.
  • Cenforce is definitely one of the most cost effective pills in the market. i.e. it is less costly as compared to others.
  • Cenforce gives fulfillment to man penile strength and happens to be the reason behind sexual intercourse.
  • Unlike other pills, Cenforce is available in many categories for example Cenforce 25, Cenforce 50, Cenforce 100 and many more. The biggest benefit is you can use Cenforce according to the level of your problems.
  • Sildenafil Citrate was a substitution in sexual health medicine. The light dosages, showed a far better results than a other pills.

Basically for the treatment of erectile dysfunction we need to notice the main cause of ED problem and then seek for the treatment accordingly.

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Cons of Cenforce 100 MG, 150 MG, 200 MG

Although the consequences of having Cenforce are not so evident and mostly when there are any traces of such cases it is because of the immunity of certain person for the drugs.

Some cons of using cenforce tablets are:

  • Cenforce isn’t too safe to choose for any medical condition, it may also prove harmful effects combined with different medicines.
  • Unfortunately there are some side effects just like other pills. For making the best that such side effects are not observed, one should take pills in the right dose as suggested.

Side effects might involve conditions such as:

  1. Dizziness, Flushing
  2. Memory Related issues
  3. Dizziness & light headedness
  4. Vision Changes or Blurred Vision
  5. Stuffy nose, nausea
  6. Weakness or fainting
  7. Nasal congestion
  8. Longer or stiffer erection.
  9. Painful urination
  • Regular use of this medication can be the reason behind constant body pain and precisely bone pain.
  • Such pills shouldn’t be taken as a first step towards your body, some lifestyle changes should be done and then see if they work or not. Getting used to these pills might not be excellent for the body.

Immediately stop the consumption of Cenforce when –

  • Heart attack symptoms– Heart attack symptoms might involve pain or pressure in the chest area. Spreading of pain till your jaw or shoulder.
  • Loss or change in vision loss.
  • Painful erection such erection for a longer time can damage the penis.

To further lower the chances of side effects follow these:

  • Take a single tablet a day orally with a lot of water for its best effect. Taking this from mouth as advised by doctor as needed. Take Cenforce  40 minutes to 50 minutes but not more than 4 hours to 5 hours  before sexual  activity is planned with your partner.
  • Don’t follow heavy meals and alcohol while the consumption of Cenforce.
  • Don’t consume Cenforce if you are allergic to sildenafil or any other of its constituent.
  • People with problems related to kidney and hearts should contact the doctor, so that you don’t have a bitter experience with Cenforce.


Considered as magic pills, Cenforce 100 MG, 150 MG, 200 MG etc. are being used and recommended by a lot of consumers who have used it for effective treatment and is extremely safe pills to consume and is one of the most known brands for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cenforce gives enough erection to men while they are involved in sexual activities with their partner.

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